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Sensys Asset Thread is a comprehensive Asset Tracking System solution to your fixed asset management needs, which stores asset information in one centralized database and will allow access to this information to the authorized user, anywhere.

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Importance of Asset Tracking System for Asset Management

Why To Choose Asset Thread’s Asset Tracking System?

Asset tracking is more than just keeping tabs on your equipment; it’s about gaining control, reducing losses, and optimizing operations. Our advanced asset tracking software goes beyond being just a tool; it’s a comprehensive asset tracking system, application, and platform. Gain a competitive edge with our user-friendly asset tracking tool, offering real-time insights and seamless integration. Asset Thread’s versatile platform adapts to your needs, whether you’re tracking equipment, inventory, or valuable assets. Enhance productivity, cut costs, and scale your business confidently with the ultimate asset tracking solution. Choose Asset Thread for efficiency, reliability, and the future of streamlined asset management. 

Experience the power of our asset management platform today. From asset tracking application to robust tracking tools, we’ve got you covered. Join countless businesses who have chosen us for their asset tracking needs and take the next step towards a more efficient asset tracking platform for a productive future.

Asset Life Cycle


Planning is the first stage of the asset Life Cycle. It establishes asset requirement based on evaluation of Existing Assets.


This begins the life cycle of the asset. Once the asset is identified, acquired and installed into the business, it can then be tracked throughout its entire life cycle process.

Operations & Maintenance

This stage indicates the application and management of an asset, including insurance, verification, AMC, etc.


The end of the Asset’s Life Cycle. It is removed from service and either sold, discarded or shifted out.


Centralize data

Easy Asset Management

User-Friendly Interface

Asset Information Management

Extend Asset Life Spans

Quick Understanding of the Application

Improve Efficiency

Increase Productivity

Better Visibility

One-time master Setup.



Creation of Multiple Master Data

Centralized Depreciation Policies

Easy Maintenance of multiple assets at once.

Accurate Importing of Data

QR Code & Bar Code Scanner

RFID Tagging and Verification

Asset Adjustment, Split, Shift available.

Repairs and Maintenance scheduled with reminders

Audit Trail

Multiple User Accessibility

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What Our Client Say

“Asset Thread’s asset tracking solution has been instrumental in streamlining our IT asset management. The accuracy and real-time tracking have significantly reduced our asset losses and improved our budgeting process.”

- Melissa R.,

IT Director

“This asset management platform is exactly what our company needed. The user-friendly interface and detailed reporting capabilities of Asset Thread have made it simpler for us to manage a large inventory across multiple locations.”

- Samuel D.,

Logistics Coordinator

“The asset tracking application from Asset Thread is everything we hoped for and more. It integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, providing real-time insights that help us make better decisions faster.”

- Tina K.,

Supply Chain Supervisor

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